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Step2-Permaculture-Swales&Stone lines

October 22, 2019

Use of a combination of Swales and Stone lines to slow down water flow and let it seep into the soil

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Step1-Vertical Gardening-3wks after

October 22, 2019

This how the crop looks after 3 weeks

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Step 1- Vertical Gardening-1st Crop

October 22, 2019

This is the first harvest after 3 wks

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Why worship this God of Israel?

October 19, 2019

This is a question lingering in the minds of most of the spiritually conscious people.For us to learn why, we shall consider experiences of some Non-Israelite people who had an encounter with this Israelite God.For Israelites many are the reasons they have to worship this God,we can’t forget Abraham getting a son at 100 years […]

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Sitting in the house of the Lord

October 1, 2019

Many are benefits to be realized from sitting silently in the house of the Lord,it heals the soul and the body,it rests the body and the soul ,it prepares the soul and the body for the meal to be served by His servants ;the preachers. It strengthens the bond between the father and us His […]

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Shepherds Manual

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Step 1-Vertical Gardening

September 24, 2019

This is how it all begun Here we are using sacks to cultivate vegetables for family use in an urban set up

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When in doubt:Halt

September 20, 2019

When Isaac became an old man,he lost eyesight and when his day of death was near he desired to bless his elder son Esau,who frequently brought him some tasty game meat(A lesson to always get our parents what they love most,it leads to our blessings) but his wife Rebekah overheard him instructing Esau to go […]

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The 3D sisters

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September 11, 2019

TALKING:NOT TOO FAST! We should not be very fast when it comes to talking and giving promises,especially when we are very excited both positively or negatively.We are more likely to make mistakes, don’t we know what the Proverbist taught us;”Do you see someone who speaks in haste?There is more hope for a fool than for […]

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DeepWord 103:

August 26, 2019

DeepWord 103:When you visit a home,look at its pets eg cats,dogs etcetera ;emaciated or well taken of?,look at the cattle eg donkeys ;are they full of wounds,thin or thriving with health,look at workers(servants);their plates,clothes,house ,faces(bright or gloomy under oppression),how do they speak when the masters are around;tone,inclination,body posture etcetera,how do the masters address them and […]

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DeepWord 102:

August 22, 2019

DeepWord 102: Contrary to many,as you drift away from the point i am more inclined to listen keenly,pay more attention, waiting to the very end to see if you retrace your steps back to the point.Speak few words,straight to the point;my friend.Speak few words many points; my life time friend.Speak no words many points;my all […]

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Final Approver

July 26, 2019

Final Approver (a poem of a believer) Oh Lord you are my approver; Oh Lord you live and reign in infinites; Oh Lord yours is infinite Wisdom; Oh Lord yours is infinite Mercy; Oh Lord yours is infinite Love; Oh Lord even if the entire world said yes,you say no,its a NO; Oh Lord even […]

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Our Online Store

July 9, 2019

Now we have a store at Jumia,for security cameras,security wall clocks and other accessories. You can visit To avoid that annoying blinding glare from oncoming vehicles headlights while driving at night:Contact/Whatsapp +254734864195orVisit 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY OFFERS! HURRY WHILE STOCK LASTS! BULB CCTV CAMERA @KES 3500 only NANNY WALL CLOCK@ KES 8600 only CCTV […]

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