10 facts about Africa you probably don’t know about, I

  1. Africa is a continent

Africa is the world’s second largest and second most populated continent, after Asia. Africa account 16% of the world’s human population, with population of 1.3 billion people. Africa has 54 cointries with 2 disputed, Western Sahara and Somaliland.

2. World Wars can be traced in Africa as the causitive.

During Berlin Conference, no African was invited to divide Africa. France being the dominant of West Africa, created competition like with Germany on who will dominate the vast empires, these countries entered into actual war resulting to World War I. World War II was the result of World War I.

3. The deadliest War after World War II

The deadliest war ever fought after World War II was first Congolese War dubbed Africa’s First World War. It was Civil War which took place in formally Zaire (present day Dr Congo), which spilled up to Uganda and Sudan. The conflict resulted in international foreign invasion that saw, dictator, Mobutu Sese Seko being replaced by rebel leader Laurent Désiré Kabila. The only war involved almost ten African countries with seven that was against Mobutu emerging victorious under covertly supported by United States of America. The war claimed close to million people.

4. Africa’s wealth

Africa is among the wealthiest region in the world, with Congo alone being the wealthiest country in the world with $26 trillion worth of untapped mineral resources. However, the poorest population is in Africa with population suffering from malnutrition, lack of water and high illiteracy rate.

5. High Level of internal and external thefts

Africa has been suffering from internal thefts, those are, local politicians and business people with them stocking wealth to European countries. Multinational corporations are outside looters that go beyond to financing rebels hence causing destabilisation to areas denied their license of operations, causing anarchy to do businesses in the area. Africa is losing $200 billion annually to multinational corporations alone through money laundering and illegal cash flow, with $130 billion coming in as foreign aid, grants and loans annually.

6. The cradle of human existence

Africa is believed to be the cradle of human beings. Africa is considered by most paleoanthropologists to be the oldest inhabited territory on Earth, with the human species originating from the continent. During the mid-20th century, anthropologists discovered many fossils and evidence of human occupation perhaps as early as 7 million years ago (BP=before present)

7. The earliest civilisations, Ancient Egypt or Kemet

Ancient Egypt civilization took place between 3100 BC and 2686 BC. It is the most famous and admired culture in the world. The culture was developed along the banks of River Nile. The magnificent pyramids are some of the evidence of the once-booming culture along the river bank and act as a reminder of the existence of a powerful Empire in the Egyptian desert. The Egyptian civilization resulted from the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt by the first Pharaoh. Apart from the pyramids, the civilization gave birth to embalming of dead bodies into mummies, solar calendars, and so much more. The vibrant Egyptian culture, art, and architecture that we know today is linked to the Egyptian civilization. The present day majority inhabitants are Arabs from Middle East that started coming from 100ADs, when pyramids were centuries old.

8. The country with the most pyramids is not Egypt

The country with the most pyramids is not Egypt, that honour goes to Sudan. It was known as Nubian, Kush kingdom. Details here

9. Nigerian oil

Nigeria produces twice as much oil as Qatar, on top of that, Nigeria produces other precious and expensive minerals. On top of that most of Nigerian lands are arable contrary to Qatar. Apart from being biggest Africa’s economy powerhouse and home to the wealthiest black billionares, Nigerian lives of ordinary person is no different from the rest of Africa. In addition, Nigeria top the list of Africa’s importers of refined oil.

10. The most fathered children in the world history

According to the Guinness Book of Records, sultan Moulay Ismail ibn Sharif of Morocco fathered more children than any other man in recorded history. Read more about Sultan Moulay Ismail ibn Sharif here.

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