You must have heard about it and now wondering what does it mean,Simply put it means the Fifth Generation cellular network,presuming you know/enjoyed the other G’s (i.e 2g,3g&4g) by know you must be guessing this other younger G(5g),is better,more improved.Precisely you are right this 5G is a culmination of intensive research and crazy ,out of this world innovation!.(This is what gives any engineer goosebumps!!) Imagine being able to communicate with your fridge,probably order for a glass of juice or something at the comfort of your seat. Or better still sitting in a car that knows your destination,has a master genius of ‘talking’with other cars as it manoeuvres traffic,or better still a swarm of drones talking to each other amid a rescue mission,ideally as one survey’s the situation(obviously sending real time shots to the command centre ),the other is busy dropping the much needed medication,it must be a moment to behold.Imagine a team of robot docs doing a brain surgery,we all know here communication is a matter of life and death,a slight misinterpretation and a life is lost,all this amid a host of many other applications is possible via this 5G network,which provides the much needed super fast speeds.And this explains the current spat we are witnessing among the ‘big brothers’,whereby one has/almost ‘perfected’ the science of 5G ,the other one desperately needs it,but does not want the world to know that he needs it.With this 5G much more is loading!!!


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