Oh Bible

Oh Bible in between your flaps hiddeth the wisdom,

In between your flaps it is written fearing the Lord is the beginning of wisdom(Proverbs 9:10),

In between your flaps is the truth,the way and life all because you encase the word,

And this word is the truth,the way and life ( John 1:1 ,John 14:6),

Oh Bible how sweet and consoling are your words,words of Daddy himself (Matthew 4:4),

Oh bible how now i know your colour and language doesn’t matter,but what matters is the word hidden in between your flaps,

Oh bible how now i know your words are never obsolete,they are as applicable and practical as they were two thousand years ago,

Oh bible how now i know that i need you to be my daily friend,to be with me when i travel within and without,in crowds and in solitude,for lessons and quick references,

Oh bible how now i realise your are a precious gift,packaged and delivered all the way from the Father,

Oh bible how now am striving to have all your content stored safe in my heart and understood by my mind.

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