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Who holds the key to the sun?

February 17, 2020

The sun is one great phenomenon existing on earth,talk of it being a source of energy,a tool to measure time and seasons etcetera. Many are scientists obsessed with unravelling the mystery of this body of energy.To birds it may signify start of a new day,or end of one at sunset.To plants it may mean the […]

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Be wary of what you say,the Lord is listening

February 15, 2020

Many are times we find ourselves speaking,either out of emotions eg fear,joy,pain,sorrow etc or even in normalcy where no emotions are raging.Sometimes we speak carelessly ,not considering the effects either short or long term.But we shouldn’t forget that the human tongue has the power to create or destroy,bless or curse,worship or disgrace and for every […]

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Interpretation of your dream

January 28, 2020

Many are times you wake up from a dream,confused,sweating,scared or even screaming at the top of your voice.Simply because you DREAMT.And this begs a question what is a dream?,why do people dream?,when do people dream?.The topic of dreams is as old as mankind,its a topic of great interest to many groups of ‘experts’,mention counselors,psychologists,spiritual leaders,philosophers […]

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Multi-talenting God

October 26, 2019

We all know that everything we have comes from God ,” Everything comes from the Lord. All things were made because of him and will return to him. Praise the Lord forever! Amen.” Romans 11:36, Both Heaven and Earth and all their contents belong to him too, Psalms 89:11 , Also we know ” God […]

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Why worship this God of Israel 2

October 26, 2019

From the first part of this article( we heard from mouths of various Non-Israelites why we should worship this God of Israel and now we deem it appropriate to study further and find out how we became to be worshipers of this God of Israel.Much we get from the writings of saint Paul. In Romans […]

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Why worship this God of Israel?

October 19, 2019

This is a question lingering in the minds of most of the spiritually conscious people.For us to learn why, we shall consider experiences of some Non-Israelite people who had an encounter with this Israelite God.For Israelites many are the reasons they have to worship this God,we can’t forget Abraham getting a son at 100 years […]

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Sitting in the house of the Lord

October 1, 2019

Many are benefits to be realized from sitting silently in the house of the Lord,it heals the soul and the body,it rests the body and the soul ,it prepares the soul and the body for the meal to be served by His servants ;the preachers. It strengthens the bond between the father and us His […]

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Shepherds Manual

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When in doubt:Halt

September 20, 2019

When Isaac became an old man,he lost eyesight and when his day of death was near he desired to bless his elder son Esau,who frequently brought him some tasty game meat(A lesson to always get our parents what they love most,it leads to our blessings) but his wife Rebekah overheard him instructing Esau to go […]

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September 11, 2019

TALKING:NOT TOO FAST! We should not be very fast when it comes to talking and giving promises,especially when we are very excited both positively or negatively.We are more likely to make mistakes, don’t we know what the Proverbist taught us;”Do you see someone who speaks in haste?There is more hope for a fool than for […]

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June 25, 2019

Truly tested and proved.All glory to God who answereth a desperate prayer.

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The Father of fatherless

June 15, 2019

1.James 1:27 2.Psalms 82:3 3.Job 29:12 4.Deuteronomy 10:18 5.Psalms 146.9 6.Jeremiah 49:11 7.Hosea 14:3 8.Zechariah 7:10 9.Deuteronomy 24:17 10.Deuteronomy 26:12-13 11.Jeremiah 22:3 12.Deuteronomy 14:28-29 13.Isaiah 1:17 14.Jeremiah 7:5-7 15.Psalms 94:5-6 16.Isaiah 1:23 17.Deuteronomy 27:19 18:Exodus 22:22-24 19:Proverbs 23:10-11 20.Isaiah 10:1-4 21.Malachi 3:5 22.Deuteronomy 16:11 23.John 14:18

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Tithe of Love

June 15, 2019

As believers in the course of our journey of faith we must have heard about tithing,its meaning,methods and outcome.Among its various approaches we shall learn about a SPECIAL TITHE not commonly discussed about nowadays,some call it the Poor tithe,but i prefer calling it the Special tithe of Love or simply the Tithe of Love:You must […]

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Nothing too urgent as not to ask the Father part2

June 7, 2019

Just like we learnt in part one of this article( ),every act of omission or commission attracts a share of consequences.Let’s learn from two more examples: One day Moses went up Mount Sinai to commune with God about the laws to govern the Israelites,he seemed to delay in coming back,the people got so impatient […]

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Nothing too urgent as not to ask the Father part1

May 14, 2019

Joshua and Gibeonites As the Israelites were on conquest of the land of Canaan,God walked with them,actually fought for them and anyone who oppossed them was totally destroyed.When Jericho and Ai took a stand against them they were utterly destroyed and their majestic destruction became the talk of the town,When the people of Gibeon heard […]

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