Chiselled by God


Just like God told Jeremiah that we are like a piece of clay in His Mighty hands and He can mold us into whatever pleases Him,also we are like a piece of wood in His Hands he can chisel away all the unwanted parts to turn us into whatever He has chosen us to become.If you have ever watched a carpenter working on a piece of wood you must right now be getting that picture of a muscular guy sequentially landing mighty blows from a gigantic mallet on the head of the chisel to cut off a chunk of the wood from the piece being worked on.Despite the inanimate nature of the wood ,the process looks painfull,indeed it is very painfull and heart wrenching.God in His Infinite wisdom can choose anyone,even the people you least expected of to be your carpenter and carve you devotedly ,your emotional anguish notwithstanding .God carves you to remove the blocking traits and teach you new virtues which are needed into the new form He is calling you into.Depending on the task and honors ahead God appoints people who are up to the task.Lets learn.


For David to learn the values of the family and know the true meaning of brotherhood God uses David’s relatives to chisel him.According to Jewish writings David was so despised by his family to an extent that after his father had paraded all his sons before Samuel the seer,Jesse had to be asked if by any chance there was another son,meaning in Jesse’s mind David is almost non-existent,Jesse then states, Oh there is the little one out there with the sheep,(1samuel 16),Imagine a 28 yr old man being reffered to as the little boy by his very own father,Later on one day David got sent by his aging dad to go and check on his brothers at the frontline with the Philistines,His elder brother Eliav, on hearing David speaking to some soldiers got so irked and rebuked David with words which display an old premeditated hatred by saying “Why have you come down here? And with whom did you leave those few sheep in the wilderness? I know how conceited you are and how wicked your heart is; you came down only to watch the battle.(1samuel 17)” imagine this from your very own big bro.(this taught David the pain of being rejected by the loved ones,later in life we find him very wary not to be rejected by God).And now after David completed this level of chiselling from his family ,God now appointed King Saul himself to do the next level of chiselling,Saul ordered that David be brought to his palace so that he could sing for him any time an evil spirit possessed him(this exposed David to kingly precincts)(1 samuel 16), one day ,David was as usual entertaining his majesty,as usual he thought that the king was enjoying the music but woe unto the son of Jesse,King Saul was slowly reaching for his spear and in his heart he thought today i will pin this imbecile to the wall,from nowhere David saw a spear flying his way,thanks to shepherdly instincts he ducked for his life,Think of this ,David was forcibly taken from his father’s house(unfortunately David also learnt this vice which we will see later), to the palace whereby he was to sing to the king anytime an evil spirit came over the king to appease it,those days the kings whims were law,everything he desired was unquestionably brought to him,imagine being forced to sing for a king who is seeking your life.What a perfect illustration of jumping from the frying pan into the fire itself(David moves from unloving family to being forced to serve a demon possessed King).And now when the king saw that it was hard to kill David in his palace he devised a ‘smart’ plan to have David Killed by his enemies,Saul had realised that his daughter who was very beautiful had already got David’s attention,David greatly loved her,of course the shepherd boy having been around in the palace now for some time had time to throw a few lines and it seems Michal was also amazed with David,both not knowing this would be a trap for David.So king Saul sent someone to tell David that he was very pleased with him and at only a bride price of 100 Philistine foreskins he would give his daughter Michal to him to be his wife,secretly he thought this proposal will lead David to fall into the hands of Philistines and be destroyed.However David easily accomplished this fete because God was with him, Saul gave her to him but would later take her away from David and give her to another man called Palti (this made David experience the pains of betrayal,despite the fact that later he would also betray Uriah’s loyalty just like Saul did to him).Eventually David ran away from the palace,he went and hid in the wilderness of Engedi,Saul picked 3000 of the best troops to go and hunt for David,this greatly aggrieved David to an extent he would ask Saul,why was he relentlessly hunting for a flea with all that force,without knowing he was being chiselled and shaped for the crown.This was a very difficult time for David because technically when the King hunts for you ,by default you are marked as the enemy of state.This chiselled David to learn how to manage perilous times in preparation for the time times when his very own sons(Adonijah&Absalom)(1 kings 1,2 Samuel 18) would plot a coup against him.Finally after all the chiselling ,David was crowned His Majesty the Second King of Israel.After assuming the kingship and despite all the chiselling done to him he did four acts which greatly justified the chiselling he had earlier in his life gone through,Using king’s authority just like Saul used to get him from his father’s house, King David forcibly took back Michal from her husband(2 samuel 3)(shows self revenge and misuse of authority),Easily had Uriah killed so that he took his wife(2 samuel 11)(shows murder and adultery),Ordered a census throught out israel against God’s instructions(shows pride and disobedience)(1 chronicles 21) and Just like king saul had cheated him about Merab, he tricked Shimei that he wouldn’t punish him for insulting him but on his deathbed he instructed Solomon his son not to let Shimei die a natural death(1 kings 2). Despite all the chiselling and the latter falls of King David,he eventually got the title of the Man after God’s heart(1 Samuel 13:14) from God himself because out of all this chiselling experience he learnt and perfected the art of True Repentance and by this all his shortcomings were blotted out,and thats why he left us with a great collection of prayers,repentance and praise all summed up in the book of Psalms.


Moses was born by a Hebrew woman called Jochebed,at this time the Hebrews were enslaved by the Egyptians,for him to learn the wisdom of Egyptians,he finds himself in Pharaohs house,from where he is safe,fed very nice food,and greatly taught on how to be a prince.And one day Moses saw an israelite being mistreated by an egyptian without thinking twice he decimated the Egyptian and secretly buried him not knowing his fellow hebrews saw him.Some other day he saw some Israelites having a discord among them and tried to talk them out of it only for them to ask him if he wanted to murder them just as he murdered the egyptian ,this greatly scared Moses and he ran away from the palace into the wilderness.This greatly put him in a situation where he could now hear and learn how to heed to the voice of God,in the wilderness with his father in law’s sheep God had ample time to call him to the great mission,being a shepherd boy was not one of the jovial and respected jobs in the society just as it is even today but Moses needed to learn how to herd sheep before he could herd God’s people.When i was a little boy i was a shepherd boy to my grandfather’s flocks.Initially i went herding with him as he taught me the skill, and once satisfied that i was ready he eventually handed over the task to me ,between the ages of seven to fourteen i was shifting between school and herding,anytime not in class i was with the cattle.Initially i used to detest it and think that the family hated me,i remember how my grandfather would come directly to me and authoritatively say “Kithinji thirangia irio uumarie ng’ombe” loosely translated to “Kithinji quickly finish up your food and take out the cattle” (this would happen even on very ‘important’ days like Christmas,whereby everyone was busy making merry),i would ask my self why does he single me out from all the other kids but now having grown up and learnt a lot about shepherds i greatly treasure those moments and i believe it was my initial stages of chiselling, eventually i got used to it,learnt how to treasure that solitude, enjoy nature,it built in me ability to thrive in silence ,because while herding you either hear the voices of nature,birds or nothing.Later i slowly started to find myself deep in peaceful thoughts and meditating a lot ,also i started carrying books a long and seriously pour into them which built a reading culture in me and translated into very good grades at Standard Eight exams.Its only joining the boarding High school that separated me from the flocks.It gave me that experience which Moses had in the wilderness.In the wilderness Moses learnt how God speaks,God spoke to Moses,God showed Moses that He can use anything to perform a miracle,a signature of His absolute power and authority,remember him throwing down the shepherd staff to become a great snake only to be told by God to grab it back and it became a shepherd staff once again.Eventually God briefed Moses about the mission he was calling him for but despite the initial chiselling Moses kept arguing,God got wroth with him,Later on his journey back to Egypt and for Moses to appreciate the authority of God,God showed him His fighting side,threatened to kill him but when Zipporah cut off the foreskin of their son and touched Moses feet with it(Exodus 4),God relented from this, Moses learnt that when God means business its business.Moses who was a stammerer(one of the excuses he gave) was chiselled by God himself on how to speak before low and mighty,even though he was given Aaron his brother to be his spokesperson we don’t see Aaron doing a lot of speaking but Moses does the speaking himself.Moses’ greatest weakness was temper but God also had given him the gift of being a humble man and that’s why God himself affixes the title of the Meekest man in the world to Moses and allows him to deal with God face to face ,a honour which no other man enjoys in the entire Bible(Numbers 12).Finally after all the chiselling Moses went on the mission to deliver the Israelites and despite all the challenges ,God was with him,he accomplished the mission,but was disallowed to enter into Canaan because of his temperous acts but God allowed him see Canaan and gave him a decent burial at the fullness of his age.


For Hannah to qualify to be the mother of the greatest seer and messenger of God ,(her son Samuel was tasked with very important tasks by God:He anointed the first two kings of Israel among others), she had to be chiselled.God appointed her co-wife Peninah for this task who on daily basis taunted Hannah for being childless(the Lord had closed her womb).This made Hannah a prayer warrior where in tears and great anguish she beseeched God to bless her with a child.This also made Hannah appreciate the fact that its God who gives and also reserves the right to be given back when He so desires.This chiselling made Hannah break that denial and overbearing we normally see from mothers over their sons.Many are times we see wrangles between mothers and daughters in law,whereby the mother fights to keep her ‘baby’ son but the daughter in law wants to be with her ‘babe’ husband.So Hannah having been thoroughly chiselled and humbled by her co-wife,easily,willingly and joyously gave out her first born son to God when God in His mercies blessed her with a child,and religiously each year took a new robe to Samuel as he lived with the other priests of God,at a very tender age God could speak to Samuel,and eventually He did away with the other priests who were unscrupulous in their work and made Samuel lead the priests community henceforth.Hannah carried out this task so well,God was pleased with her and blessed her with five more children.(1 Samuel 1)


This was a greatly prosperousous God fearing man,he was a so religious man almost to being a self-justifying man,Satan sensed this and one day when all creatures of heaven appeared before God,God spoke so fondly about Job and Satan as his nature is, accused Job before God,and asked God to let him persecute Job and prove his faith in God would easily crumble,God being a fair Father let him be,I perceive this contest was to chisel and refine Job to become that seasoned,tried,tested and proved man of God.In the earlier good times God had proved Himself to Job so he had no doubt about God’s goodness and faithfullness whatsoever but he had slowly cultivated a perception of himself being a self-righteous man(job 4:17,job 6:22-30,Job 7:20,Job 8:20,Job 9:17,Job 9:21,Job 9:22,job 10:7) and for him to be truly certified to be a man of great faith ,God allowed Job’s very own friends to do the chiselling.Imagine at the thickest of your troubles your closest friends instead of comforting you,come to deliver a very inflammatory judgement against you,and accuse you of hypocrisy what else could be very distasteful to Job,who all along had led a very virtuous life.Job felt a heart wrenching pain when all this happened,he spoke hastefully out of pain and his perceived self-righteousness,God greatly rebuked him for it(Job 40:2,6-14),Job repented dearly(Job 42:6),God forgave and vindicated him and now took an issue with his friends whom He also rebuked and gave a way in which they also could be saved.I perceive all this happened to take away that preconceived self-righteousness from Job,make him and us truly acknowledge that its only God who is righteous,and despite our level of esteem and dedication to religious duty ,men’s perfection only comes from God.Eventually after this contest Job obtained that fully qualified title of the truly greatest ,prosperous and God fearing man in the East and also God bestowed him more honour and esteem before the eyes of his friends,actually God conferred to Job the powers to vindicate his friends from their mis-steps,greatly raising his office as a priest. The Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the former part.(Job 42:7-16)

Lessons to learn:
1.For whatever God calls us into, He trains us for it.
2.Not all troubles are meant for harm.
3.You may need to walk through the wilderness to hear the voice of God.
4.When all seems lost,God is there, maybe it is His design to pull you back to your true destination.
5.Your current situation may be a prerequisite step in your journey to your destination.
6.All rests with God.


A shepherd boy

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