Cloud Computing:A soft takeover

Cloud Computing:Soft takeover

When cloud computing was popularised by Google and Amazon around the year 2006,it met with mixed reactions.Big players in the industry casted an unsure unconvinced look about it.They somehow liked it but also somehow didn’t trust it.They liked it because it would make their lives easier,lessen troubleshooting hours,cut down infrastructure cost etc but also questioned its privacy,security,continuity among other issues.This in totality gave the cloud technology a mixed taste before the eyes of the end user.But come in social media the entire game plan changed.Going by basic definition of a cloud everyone on social media is on cloud.Where do you think that nice video of yours on fb,twitter,youtube etc is?? What about those Whatsapp sweet photos and videos where do you think they are held,how many times during a Whatsapp re-install you have seen the prompt “Do you wish to restore your messages,videos and photos from an earlier backup?” ,where do you think this back up is held? How many people doesn’t love solutions like ‘Photos and Gdrive from google,Personally many are ‘epic historic’ memoirs i keep there for future use,how else would one preserve that nice photo in its original appearance upto the year 2099 or later,actually the photo is intact as many years as google clouds and other photo storing clouds are existing,and you can be sure they are not going away in the near future. For techies don’t we believe Gdrive,Dropbox and Onedrive among others are heaven sent when it comes to securely sharing files,either very tiny or relatively big files. So slowly and softly even the sceptical big players are warming up to this revolutionary innovation.Slowly we are witnessing increased uptake of IAAS(Infrastructure as a service),BAAS(Backend as a service),and SAAS(Software as a service) cloud solutions by large companies. Over time the earlier raised risks are being mitigated and also there is the push to embrace the new technology.Soon ,in a future not very far away everything will be on cloud including your very self.


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