DeepWord 101

A warrior:

Who is a warrior?

Is he made or born?

Is he that perfect marksman?

Is he that perfect swinger of the sword?

Is he that man with the heart of a lion impenetrable to fear?

Is he that man with heart of stone impenetrable to whims,beggings and other feelings?

Is he that person who survives the cut in the rigorous training?

Is he that disciplined person who heeds to orders without a twitch?

Is he that person famed for acts of valor?

All this is a fraction of what makes a warrior:

True valor is what you are when no one is seeing you;

True valor is what you do when no one is there to shout orders to you;

True valor is what you do both on the battlefield,where adrenaline rages and every shot counts and what you do off the war cries,when with civilians,family or with children;

True valor is what you do when you didn’t have to do it,its rushing to the enemy lines to pick up a friend who just got shot,rushing into a burning house and saving someones life e.t.c;

True valor is that mixture discipline,courage,focus,love and piety.

True warrior either made or born is one at heart.


A shepherd boy

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