Divine Fire

As we all know fire,is a good servant but a bad master,fire can either warm or burn,many are times we like talking about how we lit the fire or went near the fireplace and got warm but we rarely talk of the times it burnt us.What do you think? Is it possible to carry fire on your bossom and it fails to burn you,Definitely no,it must burn you and burn you squarely.Medically speaking any time fire comes into very close contact with human skin there is a great level of discormfort which if not abated translates into a burn and later after healing it becomes a scar which serves as a reminder of that unpleasant encounter.Many are times we here words like “am a smooth operator”,”am a smart player”,”its only for the game”,”its only for the bucks” but what becomes of all these ” smart people”.May they be big or small,royal or common,rich or poor,powerful or weak they share one common divine destiny and that is ‘FIRE’ They all shall surely taste and enjoy(endure) the fire.This is a divinely instituted fire,which devours both sides(parties) here on earth and in the life after unless they sincerely repent and forsake the sinful ways.The discreet “sweet naughty things” done in great privacy will be made public for all to see and hear about, the very same things you greatly ‘enjoyed’ will come back to haunt you.The very eyes wish shone bright with ‘joy’ will now be full of tears,the very lips which brightly smiled with ‘happiness’ will now curl in regrets,the very hand which received the loot/proceeds will now fold on your chest in dismay,the very people who thought you made a “prudent” decision will now sneer at you.How now you wish it never happened but its too late,lust overtook caution.So my son,be warned stay clear from such events,advice when you can,rebuke if need be.And when the good advice is heeded ,calamity will be prevented and there will be true joy and happiness.But should it land on deaf ears and the fire happens just sit,relax,learn and use it as a learning and a teaching lesson for you and future generations.

Based on proverbs 6:27-35

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