For My Daughter

For my daughter–

(Daddy’s story to his beloved daughter)

My daughter ,once upon a time God created the world,the world was empty,so He created all the creatures you see in the world today,He also created a man in His own image so as to be the master of all the other creatures,He took mud created a man and then God put his breath in the nostrils of the man and the man became alive,and by this God became the Father and source of all lives and made all lives sacred,the man was lonely hence not happy so God put him in a deep sleep,removed one of his ribs and created a woman out of it and brought her to the man.The man was very happy and also God was happy and He blessed them and asked them to multiply and fill the earth.(Genesis 1&2).He gave them the powers of continuing the work of creation so that eventually the world would be full of people for God’s glory and so that all these people would be precious to Him, to always worship,obey and honor Him.As opposed to the first method of creation where God used mud to create man God gave the man and the woman the powers of procreation,whereby after man and the woman came together babies would be produced and God would give each baby a life and later these babies would grow to become people who would serve and worship God,and God would be very happy and continue protecting and blessing these people.My daughter, in God’s store He has many lives,and these lives are fully defined with what kind of people they would become on coming to this world through the parents God would choose for them. God also knows these lives by their respective names which their parents would later give to these lives on their arrival in this world(2 Sam 12:25),(Isaiah 49:1,5),(Jeremiah 1:4-5). God having assigned roles to these lives sends them to this world to accomplish their respective roles all for His glory(Genesis 25:22-26),to illustrate this my daughter lets look at these people:

1.Once upon a time my daughter,there was a man of God called Samuel ,one day God sent him to the house of a man called Jesse to annoint one of the lives God had given Jesse to take care of among his sons to be the King of His chosen people,on arrival Jesse paraded his seven elder ,strong, military grade sons thinking God must have chosen one of them,all to be rejected by God because he had not entrusted that role to them.Almost frustrated Samuel asked Jesse if by any chance he had another son somewhere,Jesse said there was the youngest one who was out there with the sheep in the field and Samuel ordered for him to be brought home fast,back then being with the sheep in the field was not one of the honorable jobs as compared to being in the army which his elder brothers were((initially apart from his mother,David was disdained by the other family members without them knowing he was to be the icon of their family. Little did these two men (Samuel&Jesse) know that God had entrusted the young boy called David with many great tasks:he was to become the Shepherd of His people(through him God would snatch the Kingship from the tribe of Benjamin and give it to the tribe of Judah as the blessings of Jacob had directed(Gen 49:10),a great general who would terrorize the enemies of the God’s chosen people, a prophet for His people,a great Musician who would compose many Psalms to praise God and relate his story with God, a priest to lead the God’s people in prayer,praise and thanksgiving and eventually to lay the foundation rock for the Lion of Judah.When the young boy David was brought before Samuel God confirmed him to be the chosen one and Samuel annointed him to later assume the role of the King of Israel.All this to amazement of his mother,father and elder brothers but to God it wasn’t a suprise He had already determined it even before the little boy David was conceived and born.(1 samuel 16)

2.Once upon a time there was a lady called Mary ,she was chosen to bear the Saviour,she would as norm carry Him in her womb for nine months and in due time He would be born,come into this world and be offered as a sacrifice to redeem all the people of God from sin,God told her to name the child Jesus.(Lk 1:26-38) At the same time Mary had a relative called Elizabeth she was six months pregnant with a son whom God had called to be a prophet and given specific instructions to the child’s father,a man called Zechariah who was a priest, on how to take care of Elizabeth during the pregnancy period,God also gave Zechariah the name for the child,the child was to be called John.(Lk 1:11-17) One day Mary went to visit her relative Elizabeth,on arrival Mary greeted Elizabeth and the baby in Elizabeth womb played,got excited because he could perceive the presence of the saviour’s mother,My daughter both Jesus and John knew each other and the respective roles assigned to them by God,simply put they were fully determined individuals whom it was just a matter of time and both would land in this world and start carrying out their repective roles and eventually meet as grown up men and this would give John a chance of confirming to the world that Jesus was the Lamb of God who would take away the sins of the 
world.(Jn 1:29-34)

3.Once upon a time God called a certain young man called Jeremiah to be His prophet and prophesy to the nations,a role he had already determined and asigned to this young man,Jeremiah was alittle bit hesistant and told God he was just a small boy and he didn’t know how to speak,of course Jeremiah knew how to express himself but didn’t have that experience of talking to Kings,Princes or multitudes in the name of God,it seems a genuine concern and God touched his lips and gave him that capability.Initially God had told Jeremiah that He knew him even before he was formed in his mummy’s womb,even before he was born God had already chosen him to be a prophet to the nations,this my daughter reminds us that before lives(people) are born into this world God already knows them and has specific roles for them to play.
(Jeremiah 1:4-19)

4.Once upon a time there was a man called Adolf Hitler,he was a german politician born in Austria and later went to Germany and became its leader,He was the man at the centre of World War 2 and Holocaust,This is a man the whole world loves to hate but to me he was a rod in the Lord’s hand,he was assigned the role of punishing God’s people.Many years earlier the Lord God had warned through a prophet called Moses the punishment that would befall His chosen people for their disobedience to Him, He had said that they would be exiled into other nations and greatly suffer for their disobedience to His commands(Deutronomy 28:64-68).During this event called Holocaust many exiled Jews were put in concentration camps,tortured,used as medical experiments,put in gas chambers among other evils which resulted in many very painful deaths,Through Holocaust Adolf greatly destroyed the people of God as he was assigned that grievous role for the remnants to learn a lesson and return to their God in tears and repentance after which He restored them back to their homeland ,healed and blessed them once again.The whole world was shocked by the atrocities committed by Hitler without knowing that he was just fulfilling a punishment God’s people had invited upon themselves and were forewarned about it.

My daughter the essence of all these biblical and historical examples among many others not mentioned here is to show you that God is the owner of all lives,knows every person by name, and has clearly defined roles for each of them,which He independently assigns and expects them fulfilled to the letter.Long time ago this process of procreation bestowed upon parents used to happen seamlessly and uninterruptedly , babies would come into this world and fulfil their roles in this world and upon satisfactorily completing it,they would go for eternal rest,die and go back to the Lord who had sent them.This was before the avowed enemy of mankind Satan,came up with a method to interrupt this divine process,this method is called abortion,it entails a cold blood murder of the growing baby in its mother’s womb. Satan also taught the mankind many excuses and ‘reasons’ as to why this slaughter of babies should be accepted in the society to an extent of calling this divine process ‘unwanted pregnancy’ forgetting that all lives cometh from the Lord and He has no unwanted life in His store,He is the Sovereign authority over all lives and its only Him who decides what happens to each and every life.He owns both the life of the foetus and the life of its host(mother).My daughter many are instances where this slaughter has been excused and committed with impunity in this world forgetting that the Lord will in due time demand an account of all the lives He sent into this world no matter the circumstances(Gen 9:4-7),(Proverbs 24:11-12)(1 Chronicles 22:7-8) a lot is the blood being shed by the society all in the name of civilization and modernism,many are murderers walking around thinking that they escaped punishment forgetting that the blood shed stands witness waiting for the day of recompese,My daughter never lie to yourself or let your self be lied to, this baby slaughter is one crime which will never go unpunished both in this life and life after,it attracts a fiery wrath from the Lord who is the defender of the defenceless and owner of all lives.Our society stands damned for this crime alongside other evils.My daughter ,why do something that will haunt you in this life and life after,many will be reminders and witness to that awful act,many are times after committing this slaughter the birth right is taken away, wombs get closed if not destroyed in the heinous act,male power get lost,hence rendering people barren,many are times lives of the host(mother) is also lost in the process,Are you willing to live that condemned life ,that should the merciful Lord be gracious to you and entrust you with other lives later,meaning getting other children later,any time you look at their faces your conscience will remind you that you slaughtered their eldest sister or brother? Don’t you know you can’t have a firstborn more than once? Or should God be graceful to you and you get a trip outside the country and wish to go with your children,in the process of getting the passport you shall require their birth certificates,do you want anytime you look at their birth certificates you be reminded that you signed the death certificate of their eldest sibling? You may say its my boyfriend/husband who suggested we terminate the pregnancy,don’t you know equally the blood is on your hands as it is on his hands and everyone else who helped in the slaughter? Many are time you shall hear that she is a daughter of a renown bishop, hence the bishop ordered for the slaughter to avoid embarrassment,this is pure nonsense because:If she knew she was a daughter of a bishop why did she in the first place engage in the acts which would embarrass the bishop?. If the bishop was truly a respected shepherd of God’s flock doesn’t he know the lives he leads belong to God , and also the lives of his daughter alongside the baby in her womb also belong to God who decides what happens to both,Doesn’t he know that in the process of slaughtering the baby,God may decide that he loses both and the bishop’s shame would be magnified because the newspapers would have this caption:”The Bishop’s daughter dies while attempting an abortion!”? Some will argue its medically impractical to keep the pregnancy eg ectopic pregnancy ,i agree but should we forget that both the mother’s and foetus lives belongs to God who chooses what happens to any of them.Should the ectopic pregnancy be left to proceed it may lead to loss of both lives,should the ectopic be terminated it may lead to survival of the mother(host) but loss of the foetus life,who knows that it was not God’s call for that pregnancy to be like that and serve as a hint of an impending disaster,or scary enough for both to go? Also it may be argued that it was out of a rape, i agree it is an unexpected/uncalled for event but God in His wisdom has already released a life into this world. Who knows that the baby to be born won’t be employed to accomplish some great goals intended by God?(King David himself writes he was conceived in sin (Psalms 51:5) , Or who knows that God won’t provide for the baby? Or you may hear that she is still in school, why are we interested in dealing /slaughtering the innocent baby instead of dealing with why in the first place were they engaging in activities which led to the life being released into this world? In other words where is our morality? My daughter you may hear of clinics/hospitals/veterans whose major trade is getting rid of unwanted pregnancies(‘lives’)-To God there is no unwanted life’).Woe unto them all, for these are just but vile baby slaughter houses and soon enough in God’s appointed time they will receive a justified share of God’s wrath,so the next time you hear that advert on the radio in which these vile slaughter houses are being glorified to the public, just remember this. Worse enough you may hear a couple in a wedlock saying it was just an unwanted pregnancy,well it may be unplanned for but how do you know that God the giver of this life won’t provide for it or else how do you know it was not His plan remembering that all lives come from Him, are sacred and we should be very wary of how we handle them?.Also remember this, abortion is one of the leading causes of cancer in women,simply because according to science a female breast fully matures after breastfeeding which will never happen should the baby be slaughtered mid way the process,the breast cells are left hanging mid way and don’t know if to mature to completion or not ,eventually turning cancerous,also the body is left with so many unbalanced hormones,and of course on top of all this, there must be a punishment from God for this sinful act unless forgiveness is diligently sought,but still the consequences shall linger.Think of this my daughter, as some people are busy slaughtering babies ,others are busy praying,crying,taking medication,visiting diviners and even stealing ,all to hold a baby in their laps.Think of all this ,is it 
worthy it???.

My daughter the lesson of this story is: Let reason,conscience and the fear of God always rule your heart despite the excitement of the moment,Human life is sacred and belongs to God only,and should it happen, pray to God to grant you forgiveness and be gracious to you, to grant you ways to sustain the life and in this way ,you will avoid scars of life and you will have brighter days ahead.In a nutshell ABORTION IS A REBRANDED MURDER.

Proverbs 24:11-12
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