Rainy Day

This a typical day in the office,no signs of rain,by around 3:30 pm you start hearing a slight rumbling and when you gaze out from your fifth floor office you see faint lightning you think it won’t rain,an idea in your brain tells you Ahah! this is one of those cross-month slight sudden weather change(eg June-to-July,August-to-September) it will just pass without much trouble.Woe unto you my dear,a downpour is in the offing this is just a subtle hint. You shrug it off as usual and continue with your work.You hear Njoki your colleague say ‘’Leo inaeza nyesha’’ Loosely translated ‘’Today it may rain’’ You respond fast enough ‘’No way,haiezi saa hii tuko August! ‘’ Loosely translated ‘’ It cant rain we are in August ‘’ Simply because you have some errands you need to run before going home from work.Thirty minutess into it it starts drizzling ,you decide to rush out of the office and ‘leave’ for the day is ‘almost’ ending so as to atleast finish a few of the things you had planned to do.Midway down the stairs you remember you just did you hair the day before,but no worries,you are always prepared ,you quickly dip your hand into your purse you fish out a plastic bag the ones used in shower to cover your precious hair’crown’ you tell yourself further more this is just a drizzle,furthermore’ watu wataelewa ‘(onlookers should understand),Out in the streets the drizzle becomes stronger,you encourage yourself am almost there,to the first destination that is Kwa Mama Frank Tailors shop to pick your new suit for the company’s event the following day,not knowing even Mama Frank is contemplating closing to avoid the oncoming downpour.Now the wind starts blowing slightly faster and now you have to improvise one hand holds the plastic bag on top of your crown the other keeps balance and helps you maneuver the forming human’traffic’ on the streets of Nairobi.Afew minutes later now it becomes virtually impossible to keep the plastic bag on top of your head using one hand and you choose to lend a helping hand and place both hands on your head, Sooner than immediately you realize this wont work, the wind is almost exposing to the world the color of your ‘swimming shorts’ ,balance is a problem having drizzled for more than twenty minutes, now you realize it was actually raining but you mind chose to downplay it. Now you decide to join other citizens who had accepted it earlier, you stand on the verandah of one of the tall buildings and start wishing the rain finishes its business fast and you proceed with yours.
One and half hours later you realize that you dream of running the errands is almost fitting in the pipe to become a pipe dream,but you psyche yourself up that most of these places you were to visit close at around 6pm so you have a cool sixty minutes,just then the almost stopped rain starts again,you curse under your breath and now start being impatient,Almost coincidentally a godsent ‘angel’ hawker passes by selling Umbrellas ,and for the ‘good citizens’ afraid of the rain to appreciate the difficult terrain he is operating right now under ,he doubles the price.An umbrella which goes for around 150Ksh negotiable to 120Ksh now goes for a cool 300Ksh no debates allowed,you either buy or continue waiting for the rain to finish its business,the ones for 200-250 Ksh now go for for 500Ksh ,you either buy or manufacture yours.Now as a prudent student of accounting and having passed all the exams ,evidenced by working for a big Audit firm in the city ,you very well know about opportunity cost,you quickly dish out 300Ksh and buy one ,knowing back in your mind it may be one of those ‘China’ ones meaning fake, the ones which instead of covering you from the rain they need you to protect them from the wind which may turn them inside out,Now you sadly realize you wont make to the errands because your new expensive shoes are scared of the forming ‘floods’ and your short skirt is reminding you that you don’t have a spare and even if the spare one was there the changing room would be a problem in this’ cursed’ city. And grudgingly you decide to go to ‘Railways stage’ and catch a bus home,you would run the errands the following day,you even contemplate not coming to work the following day because now wearing your new(slightly adjusted by Mama Frank) suit remains a pipe dream,You are even tempted to tell Mr Mutua you fell sick overnight because of the rains hence you won’t make it to job,but quickly you remember lies are not good,it takes a lot of energy to keep them consistent,you drop the idea.Slowly you walk to the bus stage in low spirits, Almost to the stage you see something zig zag like ,gazing keenly you confirm your worst fears ,Alas it a queue, people are queueing to board the bus,now you truly feel like shedding tears,why has life suddenly become so unfair to you,You decide to exercise a little patience and reluctantly join the queue hoping it wont be long before you board the bus and go home and have a sweet rest and forget about the ‘cursed’ day.Actually you skip buying your usual piece of roasted maize at the stage ,thinking that you may waste some minutes there and the queue becomes longer forgetting that its already very long and you need something to slightly keep you busy,and your stomach is complaining of a missed lunch because of the hard economic times your pockets were currently going through.As usual when there are rains the roads leading to the capital city becomes a nightmare ,impassable notwithstanding traffic lights at every corner and doubled up traffic officers. The thirty minutes slowly translates to one hour,no bus in sight suddenly one emerges from nowhere and there is a slight scrumble to board it by the citizens at the ‘head’ of the queue,now once again you are reminded of your woes,you are still too far away at the back of the queue.Now you start realizing that the wait definitely shall be long and then thoughts set in,You start first by blaiming yourself for not buying the roasted maize atleast for a bite to spur up your blood sugars which are getting lower by every minute giving you a slight headache and a blurred vision, now you are sandwiched in the queue you can’t go to buy it else you lose your position and be forced back to the ‘tail’ of the queue, Rules of queueing in the city state so, despite being flouted severally, but now being humbled by the circumstances you don’t feel like doing it,moreso the queue is having mothers with babies and elderly men and you don’t feel like disrespecting them,furthermore you are a strict believer of equal rights and justice. Your pocket now reminds you that you have just paid double price for a simple umbrella, this sinks your spirit further knowing that you have bus fare for only that week ,hoping that the paymaster won’t find any issues with the payroll software ,because otherwise you would be in a very tight corner pocketwise .You solace yourself by thinking this is just a one off purchase no more in the near future.The bus stage to your house is an open place , there is no any form of cover over your head, so you are queueing in the open and the rain is doing the final phase of its business and the cold is slowly but surely aiming for the higher starting with your feet upwards, Your stomach reminds you if you had taken lunch things would be better,now thinking of lunch you swallow a gulp of bitter saliva, hold your head, frown a little bit and think hard,Why have I been skipping lunch since I came to work in this ‘cursed’ city? I cant afford it on regular basis? But am working for a reputable firm? Expenses outweigh my monthly income,Further more I am not the only one who skips lunch most of my colleagues do,But why?,they too can’t afford it. But why ,Expenses outweigh their income. How now you wish you were one of those rich kids,whom getting a job is not a must, whom change cars like a pair socks .If it were so you would have just ordered for Uber to escape you current predicaments, good still you would have called one of those highend hotels to have a flask of hot coffee delivered to you at the queue ,Better still you won’t even be hustling in this city of hard life all in the name of earning a living, actually you probably would be on a vacation sunbathing somewhere, a dry wishful smile escapes your frozen lips. Now you think how can i slay this demon called expenses and fatten this ‘thing’ called income. Being an accountant ideas flow very fast,freshly you reckon I should be buying my umbrellas when the demand is low probably during the ‘hottest’ month hence the prices are reasoanble ,I should cut down my unnecessary lifestyle baggage, problably the all Fridays out should go first,I should move to a smaller reasonable house, cut that shoe craze and even downgrade my pay tv package, But still the expenses are high because of this middle class curse called debts, you have a student loan, sacco loan, staff loan ,shares loan and sadly your are a seriously regular borrower of all the mobile lending apps. Now you ask yourself how do i reduce this also. Being a trained accountant you clearly know the power of this equation Profit=Income-Expenses,now you know what else to play with, and that is Mr Income, and you start thinking how to find and fatten this Mr Income———(WATCH OUT FOR THE NEXT POST TO HEAR ABOUT MR INCOME)

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