If there is no river source nearby, this is the price of irrigation in Kenya.

Most people are adapting irrigation system of farming as away to maintain and increase food supply throughout the year in Kenya, Meru, Nyeri, Kirinyaga and Embu counties. In these counties, mostly large part or the whole population depends directly on agriculture for a living. They’re among the richest counties in Kenya because of their rich agricultural background. It’s not a surprise, the most hardworking people in Kenya are found in these counties. During this pandemic period, most people are off their works, but here, that is not the case, and it has been like that ever since, with people working more than 8 hours per day.

I’m among those people, for you to afford irrigation water, you have to pay a huge price. It took our community almost 5 years to come with pipeline water from deepest inside of Mount Kenya forest. When elephants damages your water pipe this is the journey of 21 km you will have to make per day to repair the pipes, and back before dawn. Here are the photos of recent journey :

The journey start around 7 am
Usually took 3 hours to walk a distance of 10 km, depending on your speed of walking
This is the view of Ithangune Hill, the extension of Mount Kenya.
Walking towards River Kathita, One of the rivers in Meru County that join Tana River.
The is very beautiful, this is not faraway from, this was around 7.50 am, here the sunrise is earlier.
Passing through some of the small streams inside the forest.
This fire is for making pipes joints.

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