Multi-talenting God

We all know that everything we have comes from God ,” Everything comes from the Lord. All things were made because of him and will return to him. Praise the Lord forever! Amen.” Romans 11:36, Both Heaven and Earth and all their contents belong to him too, Psalms 89:11 , Also we know ” God doesn’t take back the gifts he has given or forget about the people he has chosen ” Romans 11:29 and this leads us to the lesson of today:Talents, In the bible we hear of David(1 Sam 12) who was a very talented man(1Sam 16:18) ” One of the officials said, “I know one of Jesse’s sons from Bethlehem who can play well. He’s a courageous man and a warrior. He has a way with words, he is handsome, and the Lord is with him ” its God in His mercy and glory who made David a very great Warrior(1 Samuel 18:6,27,30),Poet(Psalms),Musician(1 Samuel 16:18),Priest(2 Samuel 24:25) ,Prophet (Acts 2:30,Psalms 22,1 Samuel 26:10),and King(1 Samuel 16) .Wow what an enigma of a man,The very God who appointed David to be a King also gave him all these other talents and we definitely know to whom much is given much is expected (Luke 12:48).Through out the bible we hear how David put his many talents in use in service of God.

He was a king!

He was a warrior!

He was a Prophet!

He was a Priest!

He was a Poet!

He was a Musician!

He was Handsome!

And Just like King David in the bible most of us have been blessed with multi-talents by God and definitely we need to put them in good use for His glory and honor and not forgetting to whom much is given much is expected,This is our underlying principle here at RightHand Digital Solutions and explains our multi-faceted approach to matters affecting society.

To God who blesses and gives talents be all praise and honor for ever and ever.Amen


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