Offering what you need most

As an act of worship sometimes we come before God with offerings,among the items He has blessed us with we take a portion and offer it back to Him,How about offering what we need so much.One day Abraham was asked to offer his beloved promised son as a sacrifice,In this God wanted to prove Abaraham’s faith.Think of this ,Abraham had waited for the promised son for a very long time(25 years),and when the son finally comes, he greatly loved him because in him he saw fulfilment of God’s promises to him.He took good care of the lad,and as the boy was thriving in health ,Almighty God asked Abraham to offer his son as a sacrifice to him.I know you can guess the possible anguish in Abraham’s heart but Abraham having walked with the Lord knew there was nothing too big or too small for the Lord and he decided to sacrifice the boy Isaac as God had asked.To signify the solemnity of this request when Abraham took the boy from home ,he didn’t share with his wife the intentions he had,simply because he didn’t want a debate or worse enough an argument about it,we all know the hearts of the mothers,God bless them,To them its faith with emotions,trust with emotions, obedience with emotions etc. This act of omission to his wife Sarah showed singleness of mind and determination in purpose.Just as Abraham was about to slay his son,God spoke to Abraham,Actually repeatedly called him with all the last minute urgency and forbade him from hurting the boy and instead give him a ram to offer in his place.What would be more consoling and joyous than God Himself telling a mere mortal ” Now i know you fear God…”(Genesis 22:12),dear brethren, you see by this it means you are greatly accepted before the eyes of God and as a result nothing can be withheld from you. And by this God ratified Abraham’s faith and greatly blessed him .Indeed God was so impressed with the act such that He solemnly swore”
I swear by myself, declares the Lord, that because you have done this and have not withheld your son, your only son,  I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore. Your descendants will take possession of the cities of their enemies, and through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed,because you have obeyed me(Genesis 22:16-18).” From this solemn vow four things standout :1. This is a vow/blessing after an act of great obedience.2. Abraham who was barren for a long time now is being blessed to be a father a great nation with as many descendants as stars in the sky AND sand on the sea shore (note the use of the conjecture AND,meaning Abraham’s descendants would be as many as the sum total of both the stars and the grains at the sea shore,Wow! what a beautiful assurance to a man whom a few verses earlier had an only son) .3.He is given dominion over his enemies ,what another wonderful assurance of continuity of his lineage,in those times it was common for one kingdom to rise up against another kingdom and annihilate them,but here Abraham is given eternal continuous victory over his foes. 4. And finally he is made an instrument of blessings from which all other nations of the earth will be blessed from ,imagine being too blessed and also given the authority over all other people’s blessings. Abraham holds the title of Friend of God up to date and eternally it shall be so.Hence dear brethren it should not appear to us ,as an impossibly difficult task to try and be obedient/acceptable before the eyes of the Lord,many are the glad heavenly tidings that come with it.(Genesis 22).

During his runs from King Saul,One day David was hiding with his men at Cave of Adullam,he felt so thirsty and wished someone could get him some water from the well near the gate of Bethlehem,At that time there was a Philistine band encamped at the Valley of Rephaim,Three of David’s Mighty Warriors namely ;
Josheb-Basshebeth,a Tahkemonite ,
Eleazar son of Dodai the Ahohite and
Shammah son of Agee the Hararite (2 Samuel 23) on hearing their captain say this broke through the Philistine lines (1 Chronicles 11:18) ,
drew water from the well near the gate of Bethlehem and carried it back to David, but David on receiving the jar of water refused to drink it despite the biting thirst and declared that drinking that water was just like drinking the blood of those soldiers who risked their very lives to go fetch it, instead he chose to give it as an offering to God. (2 samuel 23:13-17) ,From this episode it clearly stands out that David was a pious man,who not only honoured God but also took care and valued very much the lives of his men,and in this instance as an act of demonstration of both he declined to take the much desired gulp of the water instead offered it to the Lord.Clearly showing his glorious regard of God. We all know God greatly helped David and great were his exploits.

From these two examples we learn that God is very much interested with our hearts,He wants to see how far can we go,or do we identify Him as the giver or we just treasure the gift and forget the giver.The applicability in our lives of the lessons learnt here is amazing, How many times do we find ourselves at the crossroads?.How many times do we feel the need to let go that addiction/obnoxious habit but are afraid of losing face or friends ,how many times do we fail to stand up and take the responsibilities God has entrusted us with just because we don’t know what people would say,How many of us struggle taking a tenth of their much needed proceeds and giving it back to God as tithe? How many of us are ready and willing to offer/give up that much ‘ needed’ item simply because God said so? and see if He would follow up on His word? Don’t we remember that it was God who instructed Abraham to leave his father’s house and go to a land God Himself would show him?(Genesis 12:1-4) (its worthy to note that even in Harran,Abraham was still a very successful man,who had accumulated many possessions but on heeding to God’s call his success increased beyond his wildest imagination and also became eternal,and that explains why even to date many years after,we still learn from it).All in all, in conclusion there is neither a thing too big or too valuable,nor a thing too small or too valueless before the eyes of God,He makes everything to be what it is. And by the fact that He says that He has good plans for us,plans for prosperity and not plans for destruction(Jeremiah 29:11) we should trust Him,heed His call and always take Him at His word. So next time you hear it or see it, do it God’s way and you shall never ever regret it.He is the eternally Loving Father,clad in infinite wisdom.


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