Religious Wars

Why do we fight/contend/discrimate each other based on religious/denominational lines???

You say you are an Adventist,someone thinks of a cult
You say you are Methodist,someone says you follow works and not faith
You say you are a Catholic someone says you are a pagan,you worship idols
You say you are a Muslim,someone says you are a terrorist,you kill women and children

Don’t we know what James taught about religion:”Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.Jam 1:27″
Doesn’t the Adventists/Methodists/Baptists/Muslims/Catholics/ATR/etc all teach the same about the orphans,widows and corruption of this world?
How long will it take/what will it take for us to learn and accept there is one and only one true God???

Do you think God doesn’t see all these religions or do you think He has any preference of one over the others???
Haven’t we read/heard about the John Wesley dream,where in a vision/dream he went asking if any Anglicans/Presbyterians/Methodists were in heaven only to be told none,and he asked who was then in Heaven only to be told, the people who loved God were the ones who made it to heaven,in a nutshell the message was that there are no earthly denominational distinctions in heaven.What an interesting vision to one of the prominent founders of one of the largest denominations in the world today.

Which of the religions in the world today doesn’t have its own share of humanly imputed errors/wrangles/issues???

Haven’t we heard about the wrangle between the African Anglican church and its mother church in West about same sex marriages?
Haven’t we heard about Reformed Catholic church where priests marry and Roman Catholic church where they are not allowed to,what about the sexual abuse scandals facing it in US/Australia/etc?
Haven’t we heard about some Sheikhs/Madrassas and terror recruitment cells in several countries?
Aren’t we presently witnessing leadership wrangles in Methodist church in Kenya?
Recently in Kenya when Chief Kadhi advised on one of the Islam holidays didn’t we see people,including top politicians, greatly criticising him and saying his office needed reformation?
How many times have we read about “prominent bishops” of our Ministries being caught up in compromising situations/being charged with crimes?

So now where is the perfect religion,apart from what the Word of God teaches us???

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