Seek ye His Kingdom first

” But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well ” These are the words spoken by our saviour Jesus Christ,in (Matthew 6:33), he was dispelling fears and worries we normally have in our earthly lives,We worry so much about so many things forgetting that our father in heaven knows us by our names( Isaiah 43:1),we are His beloved children(John 1:12–13) and He has good plans for us,plans for prosperity and not destruction,(Jeremiah 29:11)but the evil one knowing this great promise tries as much as possible to crowd our minds with worries and fears so as not to realise the good things in store for us when we approach our Father in heaven in truth and righteousness.He knows very well that when we truthfully seek the Kingdom of God all the other good things will be given unto us.To illustrate this lets consider this man.


Abraham was a man who greatly feared(Genesis 22:12) and honored God,he had a very rich relationship with God to an extent of God himself referred to him as His friend (Isaiah 41:8).Great was his faith in God even when asked to sacrifice his promised beloved only son,he obliged and this greatly won him accolades from God (Genesis 22:15-18).But typically as any other human being he had his own ups and downs and trials in this world and in them we see that God gave him all the good things he desired.Typically when any young man goes out to look for a bride,majority will go for the most beautiful,God gave Abraham a very beautiful wife,We are told that Sarah was so beautiful to an extent Kings greatly desired her;( Genesis 12:11-13, ) ,actually snatched her from Abraham,(Genesis 20:2) but God in His great power returned her untouched to Abraham.(Genesis 20:14,Genesis 12:20) Abraham had a lot of wealth,God had greatly blessed him with cattle,silver,gold and both male and female servants(Genesis13:2)God gave Abraham great victories over his enemies(Genesis 14:14-16),with only 318 men he defeated four kings despite their large combined battle hardened army .These are just four highlighted examples but in reality God blessed Abraham in every way (Genesis 24:1) And ultimately as a result of a very healthy relationship with God, Abraham lived a long blessed life and finally rested in peace.(Genesis 25:7-8). From this article we learn that we should first seek God then all other good things follow.


A shepherd boy

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