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The Word

The Word

There are many words in the world but only one true word,
This word maybe expressed by more than one syllable ,sentence,paragraph,page,book,encyclopaedia or any other presentation but its still The Word and not the words,
Many think it were given to the faithfuls of the old but even today its alive and transforming.
It may be written,read,heard or even eaten but its still The Word.
It may be in prison,church,bus,forest,house or elsewhere but its still The Word.
It may be spoken by the blacks,whites,reds,yellows,colors or whatever pigmentation but its still The Word.
Everything we see, hear or perceive in any other way all came from this Word.
Before it there is no rich, poor,respected,despiced,mighty ,weak or whatever presentation all are equal.
This Word is life,food,health,light and eternity to everybeing.
Its alive,nourishing,transforming,cutting,healing and judging.
This Word is a gift and a blessing from the source.
And this is the WORD OF GOD

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