(a memoir of a soldier)

War who are you?

War who invented you?

War who are your partners?

Isn’t greed one of them?

Isn’t hunger one of them?

Isn’t disease one of them?

Isn’t anguish one of them?

Isn’t strife one of them?

Isn’t death the chief of them?

War aren’t you really a monster?

Many are heroes thanks to you,but also many both young and old are lost lives;

Many are states you established,but also many are noble states you annihilated;

Many are powerful families you rode to power,but are also many are orphans,widows and widowers you left on your trail;

Many are tyrants you plucked,but many are innocents and defenseless you swallowed.

Many are monuments erected for you,but also many are the scars of the maimed.

War do you really have any friend?

War aren’t you really a menace to humanity?


A shepherd boy

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