Wisdom Sayings

1.Giving your child a name you know not its meaning is like leaving an infant in the wilderness.
2.Cheating on your spouse is like hiring a hitman against your children.
3.Hitting your wife is like poisoning your children’s food.
4.Telling your secrets to a loudmouthed person is like hidding your gold in a doorless house.
5.With your eyes open you see far,with your eyes closed you see farther.

6.A smiling snake looks charming but when it strikes reminds all that the smile never replaced the venom

7.If you want your child to learn wisdom,travel with him.

8.Sleeping at your friends house initially sounds a good idea,but eventually breeds hatred.

9.Touching another person’s spouse is pinning your name on a death row.

10.Be quick to hear,fast to decipher but slow to judge.

11.Every day with its name.

12.Reserve your word during a random father-son , mother-daughter or husband-wife moment(argument),until when they arrange another moment and invite your wisdom,otherwise either of the parties will hold your word against you.

13.Words not tapered with wisdom is like medicine without the curing substance.

14.Talking aimlessly is like throwing an ember of fire in a wheat field so as to see what happens.

15.Despite being in possession of an umbrella ,in a storm a wise general stands down and waits.

16.A well informed enemy is a well prepared enemy.

17.At the last moments of a sinking ship,commands don’t be,but situation quickly reverses if the end don’t be.

18.A straight face,a discerning heart.

19.Even the strongest army,its strength is just a measure,but there is one whose strength is immeasurable.

20.Wisdom fills her two ears before judging(22may2019).

21.No matter the current esteemed status,when your call comes,you can’t hold out,you better prepare now.
(22may2019) .

22.Face,a mirror to the heart,tongue, a vent to the heart(22may2019).

23.Truth needs no props(27may2019).

24.Even if the strongest bolt is used to cork up truth,in its time,it knocks off the cork,spews the facts for all to see.(27may2019)

25.An empty remorseful stomach is better than a full stomach in sin(28may2019).

26.To appreciate the value of a meal,compel a man into a three day dry fast.(28may2019)

27.To illustrate equality before God,compel both rich and poor together into a three day dry fast.(28may2019)

28.For a man to appreciate the value of liberty,curtail all his freedom for a period.(28may2019)

29.Until the day you will be forced to walk pitiably slow,its the only time you will indeed understand why others do so.(30may2019)

30.A baby may forget its mother’s milk taste,but it can(should) not forget its mother’s face unless it saw it not in the first place.(30may2019)

31.He who can’t hold his words,can’t hold his breath(life)(03june2019)

32.Blessed are the feet that rush to heed a justified call of duty(07june2019)

33.With visitor,no push anything down throat,its called being sensitive(13june2019)

34.I give you,i limit you(13june2019)


36.Talk much,strip mind(self)(13june2019)

37.Sieved words, an epitome of wisdom(15june2019)

38.Wise words,first flower of wisdom,wise actions second(15june2019)

39.Accuracy of history is dependent on who is the recorder(15june2019)

40.To teach effectively,give a story(17june2019)

41.Today’s mistake,is a lesson for tomorrow’s perfection(17june2019)

42.Either side,is an informer’s hit(17june2019)

43.Spend all time talking,have no time thinking(20june2019)

44.A king who frequently warns,threatens and does nothing is perceived weak and disobeyed,a king who warns,threatens and punishes when it occasions is perceived strong and obeyed(20june2019)

45.Compliance by a slave should not be mistaken for allegiance(20june2019)

46.Answering a question not directed to you is like grabbing a drink not offered to you,the outcome may not be as anticipated.(21june2019)

47.Hoping to impress an already biased person is like waiting for an orange below a mango tree(21june2019)

48.A set of events has what it comes to give birth to (deliver)(21june2019)

49.If you know not how to stop,you should not start talking(24june2019)

50.I don’t know ,is a better answer than i am not sure(24june2019)

51.A very vocal person,a very judged person(25june2019)

52.A person is as good as his/her thoughts,or whomever he/she listens to(25june2019)

53.Asking for sex on the first date,is like pulling the rope before the stem is cut while felling trees(25june2019)

54.Problems; a prover, a true reflection of what is hidden in the heart(25june2019)

55.Time;the prover(25june2019)

56.An old debt,gives birth to a new debt,better mortify it when there is time(25june2019)

57.A debt,a noose awaiting tightening(25june2019)

58.Partnering with someone whose character you don’t know about,you are doubtful about,or its out rightly bad;is the shortest route to trouble.(26july2019)

59.A business without ethics is like a tree without roots or a storey on a shaky foundation,soon enough it will come tumbling down.(31july2019)

60.Lies initially may taste like truth but soon enough the bitter ugly taste shows itself.(31july2019)

61.You can’t trust the wisdom of a man who is rude to, and shouts at his mother(20August2019)

62.Today’s tear maybe tomorrow’s joy if we learn(22August2019)

63.When you visit a home,look at its pets eg cats,dogs etcetera emaciated or well taken of?,look at the cattle eg donkeys full of wounds,thin or thriving with health,look at workers(servants),their plates,clothes,house ,face etcetera and beyond any words this will give you that home’s SENSE OF KINDNESS(HUMANE-NITY)(26august2019)

64.Drunkennes is the elder sister to Disrespect and Destruction is their younger sister(24september2019)

65.No matter how many times truth is baptized ;its name will always remain to be truth(24 september 2019)

66.Not everyone in a police car is criminal or a police officer(28october2019)

67.A unit is as good as its last course(28october2019)

68.Make yourself difficult and difficulty will follow you like a shadow(1November2019)

69.When high in excitement,make no decisions(23Jan2020)

70.A man,faith,a wall,a man looks above the wall(23Jan2020)

71.True maturity is when you listen to one side of the story and deliver a correct judgement(15Feb2020)

72.Keep a conceited man at the door and the party will be destroyed(15Feb2020)

73.Kinyeo hunuka kuanza kinywani(13May2020)

74.Keep a conceited person as the usher and your party will be spoilt(15May2020)

75.Up a tree,belt up(15May2020)

76.True generals never lie naked (15May2020)

77.Strength of a ruler borders ruthlessness,but compassion is a must (15May2020)

78.Truth and rage are blood brothers (15May2020)

79.If you buy,not forever (15May2020)

80.A man with no belt on his waist,definitely has none in his head(13Mar2020)

81.Being stronger than your enemy is not your fault,but your enemy being stronger than you is your fault,probably you didn’t train well,gather enough information etc(17May2020)

82.Commonly a general sorrounds himself with officers who think like him,but occassionaly it pays to have one or two who think differently(20May2020)

83.The wit of the writer/speaker is in the right choice of words(22May2020)

84.A soldier/warrior without a personal honor code is just a trained coward(3June2020)

85.Facts are neither rude nor kind,facts are facts(18June2020)

86.Through eyes you touch without touching(11July2020)

87.Blessed are they who trust in the Lord,each new day is a sea of opportunities(24July2020)



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